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Organizational Renaissance by Design - Astudia Facilitation Services
Would you like to mobilize your team and experience:
  • improved employee loyalty and retention?
  • energized, engaged, and jazzed morale?
  • productive work environment where differences are celebrated and leveraged?
  • team inter-dependency?
  • increased productivity and metrics?
  • meetings that mobilize?
  • elevated bottom line results?
  • innovative new projects that are in alignment with your core business?

Are you ready for an organizational renaissance?

Astudia Consulting has a proven record of igniting, training and facilitating over 500 teams to a higher level of performance. With customized team workshops and courses, over 20,000 participants have consistently rated Facilitator Effectiveness at 94% and Workshop Effectiveness at 92%! Call for support in improving your bottom line...and FAST!
Whether your team consists of 10 or 1000, Fortune 500 or not-for-profit, Canada or the US, union or management, Astudia Consulting & Facilitating can meet your event and corporate culture needs. Workshops are highly interactive, safe, fun, productive, and incorporate adult learning techniques and learning styles.

 Pick from these options:
  • strategic planning sessions
  • fun, challenging experiential team building events
  • corporate retreats
  • on or off site training
  • soft skills training i.e. innovative process, relational skills, team dynamics
  • meeting facilitation
  • "Meetings that Mobilize" Facilitation Training System
  • online High Performance Team Surveys
  • business relationship consulting or counselling (resolve underlying roadblocks to leadership, poor relationship with employees, relationships between team members)
  • organizational people consulting
  • corporate exercises and initiatives
  • laser coaching (meetings, facilitation, icebreakers, leadership development...)

 Are you:

  • senior leadership...front line employee?
  • management...union?
  • profit...not-for-profit?
  • high tech...cultural and arts communities?
  • start-ups...tenured organizations?
  • youth...seniors/elders?
  • mainstream...First Nations?
If yes, we can support your team!


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