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Karen Goodfellow MTC, RCS, CFA

When teams get stuck, that's when I get excited. Why? Because the problem is trying to express something that is critical to the team's evolution and overall health. Traditionally, problems have been viewed as an obstacle to progress, but in reality they are the way forward.

I operate from the following belief system which has served hundreds of teams over the years:

●   roadblocks aren’t IN the way…they ARE the way

●   problems are simply expressions of where the system is trying

     to evolve or heal

●   all teams have an inherent intelligence that can be freed up

     with the right processes and activities

●   insights without action planning and execution remain insights.

    Teams generally know the ‘what and why’ of their organization, but can get stuck on the ‘how’ and subsequently, can experience task,

    technology, or relationship problems. However, with the right processes and framework, teams can rediscover their creative intelligence and

    will become self-reliant, rather than consultant-reliant. Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, teams can turn problems into possibilities and

    onwards into project plans.



    In the capacity of contracted organizational workshop facilitation alone, I have facilitated almost 30,000 participants. I use all adult learning

    styles (e.g. experiential activities, theory, self-reflection, and group discussions). My evaluations for course and facilitator effectiveness has  

    consistently been over 90%. I have decades of union and corporate managerial experience and have operated Astudia since 1997. My

    accomplishments have resulted in two Personal Leadership Awards with a major corporation and one team won the prestigious Silver GTE

    International Quality Award (from over 2,000 submissions).   


    As a result of my unusual, unique professional experiences and extensive education in the corporate, creative, and therapeutic arenas, I’m

    able to customize effective processes. Whether you need no-holds-barred creative activities, structured and logical systematic activities, or          gentle, skillful processes with traumatized organizations , I can walk in the middle of it with you and your team.

    Specialties: systemic cultural change, strategic planning, team effectiveness, leadership development, and facilitator training.

Transformed clients include:

Hershey Foods, TELUS Mobility, TELUS, Nortel, Esteé Lauder (Tommy Hilfiger Line), Documart, Sherwin-Williams Paint, 3M, Hewlett-Packard, Sun MicroSystems, Oracle, Pacific Blue Cross, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, PeerNetBC, We*Act, Clearmind International, University of the Fraser Valley, Legal Services Society, Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, Battered Women Support Services, WISH, City of Vancouver (Mayor’s Task Force on Women & Mental Health), Central City Foundation, WestCoast LEAF, Vancouver & Lower Mainland Family Support Services, and Surrey Women’s Centre.

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