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Central City Foundation

I was the Master of Ceremonies and Facilitator of Central City Foundation`s inaugural event The Hope Dialogue SeriesThis event focused on a particular topic related to our neighbours in the inner city and was held to increase knowledge and awareness, to foster dialogue, and to deepen our understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our neighbours and community partners. The events all served to help us with imagining new and innovative solutions to improve lives. 

The first event was led by the women leaders of our community, about 100 donors, and guests who joined in conversation about:

  • how we got here, to the current situation of women in the inner city of Vancouver
  • what is working and not working to improve women’s lives
  • how we can work together in new ways to make changes, to improve women’s lives, and build hope in our community

Facilitating for Central City Foundation

I love facilitating such deep and meaningful conversations that lead to solid action plans.

Experiential Team Building

If you are interested in indoor or outdoor experiential training please click on the button below for photos.

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