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I worked with Karen for over 3 years at BC TEL Mobility. During that time I headed up a sales team consisting of almost 30 people. Our team achieved record results year over year and set many worldwide industry benchmarks. The driving key force behind our success was the team that we had built and more importantly how that team worked together.

Karen, through a number of sessions over the course of a few years, led our group through a number of team building exercises that ranged from a couple of items at a team meeting to all day sessions in a remote location. The success of our team, and their ability to work together and achieve amazing results can be directly attributed to the work put in by Karen. She is one of the most committed people I have ever worked with and her talent and style were appreciated by the entire team.

I would highly recommend Karen to any organization that could use her talents; that organization would be lucky indeed to have her on board.

Kevin Heaney

(Executive Vice President of Sales - TELUS Mobility

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