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RainbowWorks uses a wide range of adult learning styles: experiential training, theory, self-reflection, creative process work, workshop, and group discussions. Clients choose levels of challenge that suit their needs.

Call Astudia now for a quote for a team building, strategic planning or corporate retreat! 604-444-7477 604-444-7477 604-444-7477 604-444-7477 or

For facilitated support groups or relationship counselling, please visit:

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Please call me at 604-880-2025, email me at, or fill out the form below for a quick quote.

In the Comments section, please note size of team, current pain point of the team (i.e. going through a lot of change, staff turnover, etc.) and/or what type of customized program you would like (i.e. leading through change, leadership development, corporate retreat, social team building, executive retreat, increasing productivity, increasing sales, etc.).

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